Company Overview

Operating with Our Clients' Goals in Mind

The Otis Institute exemplifies technical expertise every day by providing comprehensive environmental planning, regulatory compliance, and environmental and human health and safety management services to industry and government clients.

Founded in 2005, the Otis Institute has completed nearly 1,000 projects while continuously encouraging environmentally conscious efforts and product stewardship - a product-centered approach to environmental protection. Our approach starts with understanding our clients' business and regulatory compliance objectives along with a commitment to building long-term client relationships. While focusing on partnership and communication with our clients, we evaluate and execute integrated business management to meet internal and external stakeholder needs.

Our portfolio includes hundreds of assorted projects: environmental programs; water distribution; wastewater treatment systems; stormwater management; air quality control; hazardous and solid waste management; laser safety; process safety management; and so much more. We invite you to browse through our services and our landmark projects that describe the exciting jobs we are completing for the future.