Cost Effective Ammonia PRV Treatment System Design

Otis Institute engineered and provided back up documentation (calculations/report) for a ammonia sparger tank and designed the sparging system and tank to handle up to 24,000 SCFM of peak flow from a pressure relief valves from a 24,000 lbs bulk ammonia storage tank. The system was designed to meet 2008 California Fire Code Chapter 37 Highly Toxic And Toxic Materials Section 3704. Performance “Treatment systems shall be designed to reduce the maximum allowable discharge concentrations of the gas to one-half immediate by dangerous to life and health (IDLH) at the point of discharge to the atmosphere. Where more than one gas is emitted to the treatment system, the treatment system shall be designed to handle the worst-case release based on the release rate, the quantity and the IDLH for all compressed gases stored or used.” The site was required to meet this requirement because of the City of Livermore adoption of the Toxic Gas Ordinance and the quantity of Ammonia onsite.