Facility Design Facilitation and Troubleshooting, Confidential OLED R&D Facility

Otis Institute was brought in to work with the city’s building, mechanical and fire departments to get the building temporary occupancy approved for a office building conversion to a OLED R&D pilot plant. Facilitated discussions with key individuals, found root causes of problems, clearly described current conditions and implemented solutions. Eliminated that need to redesign the exhaust system and the need to change from a B-occupancy to an H-occupancy. Saved the organization over $3,000,000 in operational delays, and $350,000 in construction cost. Otis Institute also managed the development and preparation of all environmental applications and permits and the prepared a list of and the development/implementation of all required EHS programs and training for their operations.

Air Permit Evaluation, Confidential Automotive Part Manufacturer

Otis Institute provided a technical evaluation determining if and when an air permit would be required of the site processes. Identification of exemptions in the regulations saved the client several thousand dollars in equipment costs. Tasks included developing a strategy for resolving issues, estimating emissions, developing an applicable requirements listing, evaluating compliance, determining monitoring requirements, and interfacing with the regulatory agency.

Management System Development, Training and Auditing, Multiple Clients

Otis Institute provided support to organization to assist in meeting internal, regulatory, and voluntary management systems criteria including: ISO14001, ISO 9001/9002, OHSAS 18001, BS8800, RC14000 (Responsible Care), OSHA PSM, OSHA VPP, and EPA Risk Management Programs. Facilitated Strategic Planning, Six Sigma, PHA, HAZop, FEMA, and What If sessions to meet organizational, customer, and regulatory requirements.