• Explosive Dust Hazard Design and Evaluations
  • Facility Pre & Post Seismic Event Assessments
  • Fall Protection Design and Evaluations
  • Forklift Attachment Evaluation and Certifications
  • Gaseous Diffusion (Sparger) Tank Design 
  • Mezzanine and Storage Floor Load Evaluations, Certifications, and Engineering
  • Professional Engineer Certification
  • Seismic Anchoring and Bracing for Tools, Equipment, and Processes
  • Seismic Assessments and Attests for the California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program
  • Small Scale Wastewater Treatment System Design and Evaluation
  • Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measure Plans (SPCC)
  • Wastewater Treatment System Assessments and Certification for RCRA  and Non-RCRA hazardous wastes
  • Third Party Drawing Code Compliance Evaluations
  • Third Party Engineering Design Review and Code Compliance Evaluation